Meditation Pillow

Why is the Meditation Pillow Best For You?


It is no new knowledge that meditation requires sitting for some time. And, that can be a bit uncomfortable for the untrained. The reason it can be a bit painful is because  

 A meditation pillow is a cushion that supports your body during meditation. There are gazillions of meditation pillows available. Zabuton, zafu, meditation bolsters are some of the types to name a few. And why not the variety? Their use has spread in recent times due to their utility in meditation and yoga practices.

If you find yourself wondering still whether you should be using a meditation pillow then read on to find out when and why it will be the most suitable option for you in the following scenarios:

When you prioritize comfort first

While meditating, even monks use some form of cushioning to prevent discomfort. Although their comfort often takes the shape of a mat, you do not have to be as ascetic in your approach. Our daily lives give us enough pain to deprive us of comfort. So, if you are a person who values comfort first then you should go for a meditation pillow without batting an eye. To some such comfort may be a luxury and it is true because if you are purchasing such a cushion from the market then you probably know they are not that cheap but, they are worth every penny if you weigh comfort above everything else. Having comfortable seating will give you the relaxation you need to proceed with your meditation.

When you are starting out with Meditation

For people who are not used to sitting and meditating, it can be a little intimidating to imagine themselves being on the floor. They could have inhibitions about getting back pain or simply could experience discomfort because of this posture. If you are someone like this then you should get a meditation pillow like a zabuton or zafu. Having comfortable support like these cushions will give you relaxation and prevent you from getting distracted. This way when you start out you will feel better about your decision to take meditation seriously. It will act as a booster. When you have all the things in place then you cannot excuse yourself out of meditation because sitting is literally the only physical activity you are required to do.

When you are pregnant or have certain medical conditions

Meditation pillows are also the best option if you are a pregnant woman because due to pregnancy your body movement gets restricted. There are many reasons why you would go for a meditation cushion. These are:

  • Belly weight: The additional belly weight puts pressure on the legs and this is why you can get more sleepy feet and legs
  • Aching back: Again, because of the added weight and also extra loose muscles, women experience a lot of back pain.
  • Restricted movement: Now that you probably have a big belly, you cannot simply cross your legs and sit down on the floor. You become less flexible. Poses like squatting can become so much more difficult while pregnant.

Because of all the above reasons, meditation pillows can help in a lot of ways. For instance, you can sit on the cushion while doing a half-lotus pose. This way you will not have trouble getting up.

Many medical conditions like back and joint problems also prevent people from sitting on the floor to meditate. A medical pillow can be used in a wide variety of ways to support the body as and when required.

When you want to improve your posture

Meditation requires one to be seated with a straight back. If you have a slouched back then you may find sitting with a straight back a bit difficult. As we know the natural shape of the back is curved so sitting on the floor will put uneven pressure on the spine. In this case, a meditation pillow will come to your rescue because it helps your hips to roll a little inward which helps maintain the natural curve of the spinal cord.

This cushion can also help people with incorrect posture. When starting with the pillow, the right amount of support is provided as compared to starting directly with the floor. Slowly, as the back gets accustomed to being erect on it then one can start without using the pillow with your back straight. This can take from a few weeks to months but it will help for sure.

So, now you know that if you prioritize comfort, are starting out with meditation, want to improve your posture, or have any medical condition that prevents you from sitting on the floor then you can be sure to use the meditation pillow.

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