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  What are the drawbacks of working from home?

  What are the drawbacks of working from home?

All businesses around the globe are now remote offices overnight in following of Covid-19. Although technology offers a variety of options and opportunities for companies to handle remotely, many companies were prepared for the change.

As we move into the third and fourth weeks of lockdowns, companies are getting ready for the new rules of remote working and are looking for ways to carry on their business just as they normally do. But one thing that has been a source of concern for companies is how to handle remote hiring. The traditional hiring process isn’t practical today. Companies have to devise a an effective remote hiring strategy to locate an interview, shortlist and induct the new hires remotely.

In this blog, we’ve created a list of everything companies should be aware of regarding remote hiring processes and effectively managing remote teams. Continue reading through as we go over all you need to be aware of regarding remote hiring and managing teams.

How can you get remote workers to work in the COVID-19 pandemic?

In the wake of all the social and economic afflictions brought on by the Covid-19 virus Finding the best remote workers is a major problem for businesses. It’s definitely a difficult to crack to recruit employees for the job, especially when there are no applicants. Here’s where to look to recruit remote workers to hiring in the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Networks

    Searching for resources in the personal and business networks is a great place to begin. It is also possible to ask your former employees who worked with your team in the past and you have had a great encounter dealing with them. Additionally, you could solicit recommendations from those who are outside of the business network such as customers, affiliated personnel, friends, employees or investors. This is a great way to discover a great talent that isn’t actively seeking the job , but has shared to their contacts their frustrations with their job they’re currently in.

  • local Meetup group

    asking for suggestions from a local recruiter agency or meetup group is an excellent way to locate highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals to hire remote.

  • Personal Users

    Although some companies might not be able to see the need for it to send “we are hiring” emails to your customers can be a good idea to receive great suggestions and apps for remote hiring. If your clients like your company, they’ll certainly spread the word to their friends to provide you with the best remote hiring solutions.

  • Blog

    If you have an enterprise blog that has a adequate amount of traffic, it could be a good location to begin looking for the next remote hire. Most companies with blogs enjoy a high level of audience, and therefore posting posts for remote positions can increase their reach to the public and increase their chances of receiving more applications for remote hire.

  • Facebook posts

    If you keep the presence of your Social Media Platforms (which you must keep at all times) You can put up a job posting on your website to sort through candidates who are suitable. LinkedIn is an ideal professional platform that allows companies to make connections with top talent and to get them employed.

  • job boards

    The job boards is not the best option for remote hiring is not a viable option. This is because job boards are at the bottom of hiring, with applicants seeking jobs and willing to take on any job. However, you don’t know when you might hit gold in this area.

How can you overcome communication difficulties for Remote hiring?

Once you’ve identified the best places to search to hire remote workers The next step is to establish a solid communication system to facilitate the process of remote hiring. Because we’re in an unprecedented lockdown, traditional face-to–face interviews aren’t a possibility. However, there’s an alternative that’s as close as you can be to face-to-face interviews. Yes, we’re talking about video Conferencing. Numerous companies have used video-conferencing for hiring even before COVID-19 was able to lock down the entire world.

Here are some helpful suggestions to help you to prepare yourself to schedule a video conference to hire remote employees:

  • Give interviewee all the necessary information to prepare for their video-interview session
  • Create a contingency backup plan (Plan B) in the event that you lose connection in the middle of the night
  • The interview should be conducted in a professional setting (quiet space) in which you are able to keep the interview going without interruptions
  • Before you start the call, ensure that you have checked all the technology (connection. Software, headphones, mic, etc.) to ensure an uninterrupted interview
  • Make sure you are in the virtual meeting room prior to the candidates so that they can feel comfortable
  • The interview should begin as you would normally with light chatter
  • Provide candidates with a clear avenue of communication that they can follow up with you

The top online recruitment software that could be used to boost the effectiveness in recruitment.

  • HackerRank

    The platform was specifically designed for programmers and software engineers. It provides a range of technical assessment and programming options that help employers assess the quality and abilities of applicants prior to making a decision to hire them. HackerRank also provides an online interviewing capabilities.

  • “Hiring Guru”

    Hiring Guru is a complete hiring tool that includes some of the best technologies and features that help HR professionals to screen candidates effectively according to the established requirements. Utilizing the most advanced scientific equipment, Hiring Guru ensures you are making the right choice for remote hire by scrutinizing applicants thoroughly.

  • Pymetrics

    Pymetrics provides advanced remote hire application that claims to utilize bias-free algorithms that are powered by gamified neuro-psychology tests. Employers can use tried and proven tools to determine the capabilities and experience of candidates in remote hire. The tool is also utilized by multinational corporations such as Unilever and Unilever, proving the effectiveness and capability of the software.

Do you think working remotely is beneficial in this COVID-19 epidemic?

Since COVID-19 was declared to be an international pandemic through the World Health Organization (WHO) It became clear that the only method to limit this virus’s spread was to use self-isolation and quarantine. The most likely threat to an isolation was the possibility of the possibility of economic collapse, and businesses could find themselves struggling to manage the financial pressure to continue operations.

The alternative and most viable option was to do remote work or work at home. The good news is that we have the necessary technology to allow remote working without any major hurdle. Cloud-based technology, video conferences as well as other technological advancements provide employees and businesses with the tools needed to carry on their normal work schedules without serious interruptions. This has also assisted hundreds of thousands of companies to survive in these difficult times, and has played an essential role in keeping the employment rate up and avoiding any crisis in which unemployment rises alarmingly.

Which are some of the major problems of hiring and managing the first remote workers?

Here are a few of the biggest challenges to manage and hire remote employees:

  1. Communication issues

Communication is certainly one of the biggest problems to oversee and employ remote workers. Despite all the technological tools available to assist you it’s nearly impossible to recreate the quality of communication that is used in office when working from at home. In this scenario, managers and business leaders bear more obligation to effectively communicate with their entire team and assist employees be aware of the necessity of maintaining open communication even when working from home.

Be aware that keeping an open and consistent avenue of communication is crucial to the successful conclusion of any task as well as with remote recruitment. Make sure that you’re able to communicate with the virtual members of your team efficiently by using clear and consistent communication channels.

  1. Scheduling difficulties

The productivity of workers is another crucial issue that is closely connected to remote workingthat needs to be addressed by executives and managers efficiently. There are a variety of obstacles that can hinder productivity, and one of them is scheduling issues when working in remote teams working in diverse time zones. Even if your employees reside in the same geographical region or time zone, it can be difficult to get employees to work at a time that is consistent with working times.

The most effective way to deal with the scheduling challenges is to ensure that you have a steady working hours that work for entire teams. This will require employees to be present during these hours, while responding to important emails.

  1. Language barriers

When working with teams that are remote the language barrier is another obstacle that hinders the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. This is particularly true when you have employees who are remote from various geographical regions.

To address issues with language, managers must to assume the responsibility of navigating through the various differences and devise an effective communication plan to address barriers in communication.

  1. Performance monitoring

Another major issue for remote employee management is tracking the effectiveness of employees’ performance and ensure that the employees can accomplish their work within time and meet quality standards.

There are two strategies to tackle the problem of performance tracking First, ensuring that you are keeping up with the deadlines for the projects and making sure they are delivered on time and the other is to ensure that employees remain active for the specified amount of time.

Monitoring performance effectively is essential to ensure that each employee is given the proper recognition and payment for the work made.

How do you hire remote workers?

The methods used to hire remote workers is quite different when compared to hiring office employees. For example:

  • You will need to conduct interviews using video conferences
  • Potential candidates will have to satisfy certain requirements for example, working shifts
  • It is necessary to establish different guidelines for remote workers.

With these differentiators it is essential to understand the proper procedure for hiring remote workers. Below are some methods that can assist you as you go along:

  1. Write a clear and precise job description.

The job description must clearly mention the remote nature of the job along with any other requirements specific to the position such as working hours, specific requirements and other details to make sure that candidates are aware of their job before they join the team.

  1. Run video interviews

If you aren’t able to conduct an individual interview with applicants The best and most efficient option is conducting video interviews. You must ensure that you’re able to effectively use it.

  1. The company’s culture should be defined.

Remote employees must be aware of the work ethics and protocols employed by the company in order to be able to comply with their obligations. It is therefore essential to define clearly your company’s work environment and inform the applicant about your expectations.

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