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Vlone shirts; things to know before you buy

Vlone is indeed a famous brand among youngsters and they prefer buying the coolest things but there are some things you need to know before you buy these Vlone shirts.

The most dependable area to evaluate the authenticity of your Vlone item is the back print. We recommend looking attentively at the back print to see fake vs real Vlone things.

Most of the time, replica Vlone products are of worse quality, and we’re here to show you how to tell the difference between imitation and real Vlone.

 Check the rear “V” shaped print

As previously said, we recommend inspecting the rear “V” print on your Vlone FRIENDS- item to determine if it is a fake or genuine Vlone.

Fake Vlone hoodies and t-shirts frequently misrepresent the “V” design.

As you can see, the dents in the “V” print on the imitation Vlone t-shirt are very huge. This is a shortcoming that the majority of phony Vlone makers consistently overlook.

 If you compare both fake and original Vlone shirts you will see that firstly, the imitation Vlone rear print is put too high, and it is also crooked and incorrectly positioned, as it is too tilted in comparison to the retail Vlone FRIENDS- print.

The faux Vlone FRIENDS-print is put too high on the t-shirt, in addition to being improperly angled.

The genuine Vlone print is more centered than the imitation, and you can confirm this with your naked eye.

Verify the front “FRIENDS-” print

The “FRIENDS-” print may be seen on the front of the Vlone item. When comparing fake and authentic Vlone products to the front area, there are a few points to keep in mind.

Starting with the letter “F,” you can observe that the second line of the letter on the imitation Vlone item is overly arched/angled. The line of the genuine Vlone FRIENDS- print is razor-sharp.

When it comes to the “R” character, the top right corner of the “R” is less curved on the imitation Vlone print. The legitimate Vlone print features a curvier and more arched “R.”

On the letter “D,” it is clear that the vacant area within the “D” on the replica Vlone item is excessively narrow and thin, but the retail Vlone has more room.

This is also apparent on the “R” character.

In the last section of the front FRIENDS- Vlone print, you can see how the hyphen (the “-“) is too short, and how the character’s edges are curved rather than pointed, as they are on the retail Vlone item.

 Inspect the wash tag on your Vlone item

The wash tag will be discussed in the final step of our fake vs real Vlone authentication method.

The “100% COTTON” lettering on the counterfeit Vlone wash tag is completely different in terms of thickness, as it appears to be thinner than the real Vlone wash tag, and the font used for this specific text is also completely different.

On the fake Vlone item, the wording “MADE IN USA” and the circle below it are likewise a concern.

The writing on fake Vlone is thinner, and the circle is too small.On phone Vlone goods, the “DRY CLEAN ONLY” wording is also faulty, since it is excessively large and thin.

The counterfeit Vlone wash tag has no holes within the small “V” emblem at the bottom, which is the final area to look at on the Vlone item’s wash tag. The original wash tag “V” logo should have all the holes in it, precisely like the one on the back print.

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