Video Conferencing Solutions for All Businesses

Are you a business operating from Australia? How do you communicate with your stakeholders and employees? Only relying on audio or text communication is a thing of the past. Most businesses in the modern world have been using video conferencing as an effective communication solution. And those that did not, have started relying on it after the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

Remote working models have made video conferencing a mandatory method of reaching out to employees, suppliers, customers, and volunteers. Business telephone systems providing a reliable internet connection can be used to connect with other users that are geographically separated. Let us help you know more about this mode of communication.

What Is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is the form of communication that uses the transmission of audio and video signals to help people in different locations communicate in real-time. It is also known as videotelephony or teleconference. It is better than hosting only an audio conversation. Enabling people to hear as well as see each other at the same time is almost like meeting them in person.

Video conferencing is an effective form of communication as it is more realistic than other forms. It usually requires the following tools:

  • Software program
  • Internet connection
  • Video input and output (USB or wireless)
  • Audio input and output (USB or wireless)

Video Conferencing Solutions:

The importance of video conferences for an organisation cannot be overstated. Regardless of the size of the organisation or the industry type the business belongs to, a video conference is required for the effective exchange of ideas and information. Plenty of video conferencing solutions are available for all businesses. Some of them include:

· Small Room Conferencing Kit

Businesses can use this kit for hosting video conferences in a small room with a few participants. It allows an excellent quality of video and audio exchange using reliable devices and software. It also supports both USB and Bluetooth connections for audio and video input/output.

Businesses can also select their choice of videoconferencing app to use. The other devices used include:

Aver 4K Huddle Room Camera

Jabra Speak 750 USB / Bluetooth speakerphone and microphone

USB hub with dual HDMI output

· Connecting To Preferred Conferencing Application

Over the past few years, the availability of video conferencing applications has increased manifold. What once seemed a new forte is a buzzing marketplace for communication providers. And all the competition works in the favour of the end-user as they get a variety of apps to choose from. These applications also allow users to share pictures, spreadsheets, other documents, and their screens to share information.

Some of the leading video conferencing applications include:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • GoTo Meeting
  • Google Meet

· Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom

This is a perfect solution for businesses that want to set up a video conference room with one or two displays. It is available in small, medium, and large configurations.

It comes with pre-configured and Zoom-approved

  • Mini PC
  • Logitech conference camera with RightSense™ technology
  • PC mount with cable retention
  • Logitech tap touch controller

Benefits of video conferencing

The purpose of video conferencing is to take communication inside and outside of an organisation a step ahead. Therefore, the benefits of using this technology are based on similar outcomes. Let’s have a look at some of its advantages:

· Enhance Communication

Once you set up all the hardware and software required for the video conference, there is no looking back. It is an upgrade to mundane telephone or email conversations. People being able to see each other and share information using various files and over the screen, sharing can greatly simplify and enhance communication.

· Improve Work Culture

Imagine an organisation where employees are unable to communicate freely as and when required. It is bound to delay information sharing and lag on the targets of a final output. But a place where employees can freely communicate with subordinates, colleagues, or superiors and have their doubts cleared in no time irrespective of the distance between those people, roots for a workplace that has better work culture than others.

· Better Than Only Audio Calls

Only audio calls are useful when the information exchange is to be made for a shorter time. For example, booking an appointment, asking a quick question, informing about an email sent, etc. But when employees need to discuss problems or doubts, engage with clients, organise a demo for the new software, etc. video conference is the need of the hour. It is much better to be able to look at the person talking to grasp all this information regardless of the number of people involved in the conference.

· Save Costs

Apart from the initial set-up costs, a video conference can save many expenses otherwise made on travel. Users can be present where they want and still be able to attend the meeting. It works wonders for organisations that are spread over more than one geographical location.

·  Follow Compliance

The previous year showed us that we may not always be able to meet people in person for business meetings or in general as well. COVID-19 restrictions hit the normal way of conducting business. Video conference helped us comply with COVID-19 regulations and social distancing while working from home to not compromise on employee health and safety.

Selecting the right video conferencing solution for your business

The choice of the right video conferencing solution for a business can vary based on its requirements. Therefore, the right approach to select a suitable solution for your business can be divided into the following steps. Keeping these considerations in mind, you can select a better solution for your business.

  • Know Your Requirements
  • Trusted Service Provider
  • Reliable Video Conferencing Tools
  • Client Reviews
  • Budgetary Considerations


Video conferencing has always been an advanced platform for communicating within or outside an organisation. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has moreover added to its requirement and shown the world the power of technology. Whether your business is still operating from home or has returned to work from the office, you require a reliable form of communication implemented for your workforce.

If you are looking for the best video conferencing solutions for your business, contact the nearest communications provider and they can help simplify the process for you. Do not let a lack of communication disrupt your business. Rise above all telecommunication problems and choose a solution that would help your business grow.

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