Key Specifications of Truck Tyres to buy new ones

Ride Comfort/ Handling

Truck tyres with high performance and treadwear ratings are commonly made with harder rubber. That is why they are far more responsive than imagined to minor steering changes, particularly when the ruck is moving at a faster pace. But remember that the tradeoff is all that you will have a harsher ride indeed. However, if you don’t mind while losing a functional dental filling, then it is better for you to go for some relatable tyres. Otherwise, you may have a choice of picking a tyre that offers you a much comfortable ride.


Do you want one of the most aggressive and cheapest tyres in Ireland who show the best performance in the snow? But you are worried about the noise it may make while being speedy on highways? If that is the problem, then don’t worry anymore. If you are someone who does a lot of driving on a highway and the speedy noise bothers you, then you should opt for buying some “Touring style tyres”. They are specially designed for a quieter ride though.


The temperature rating of quick-fit tyres usually indicates that how fast the tyre can run on the road while carrying heavy loads and dissipating extra heat at an acceptable level. Nevertheless, it may be somehow a worthless rating for most drivers, but it is an essential thing to consider. That is because some tyres usually cost more and don’t show the best performance under normal driving conditions on smooth streets, while some other tyres work well there. So, nothing can be perfectly defined as the best.


Another significant thing regarding the rating of truck tyres is their traction. The traction tells the driver that how well the rubber compound of these tyres generates traction on wet pavement. That rating though is referred to in codes as AA, A, B, C, etc. AA indicates the best traction, while C rating sows the poor traction.

  1. You should first try your best to opt for an AA tyre, especially if you frequently drive in rain or snow
  2. If you drive in normal environmental conditions, then you may go for an A-rating tyre
  3. If in case you move in dry conditions and rough roads, you may consider buying B traction tyres
  4. Lastly, if you drive full time on just bone-dry roads and have a minimum amount to spent then in that situation, just go for a C tyre.

Tread Wear

The rating of tread wear generally provides you a rough idea and estimation of how long the tread of your tyres Ireland will last in comparison to a test track “base” tyre. A good tyre with a standard rate of a minimum of 400 is expected to last almost four times longer compared to the traditional 100 base tyre.

However, remember that each tyre manufacturing company has its own formula for formulating tread wear from the tack running tests. Therefore, it is always recommended to just compare the best tyre models of the same company, instead of comparing and matching treadwear ratings from different manufacturers.

  1. If you have enough cash to spend and you wish to have maximum tread life, then it is highly suggested to buy a tyre of more than 500 rating tread wear, that too from a reliable company like Rathdowney Quick Fit Company.
  2. While, on the other hand, if you want to save your money rega/rdless of considering the time of last longing and durability of truck tyre, then you may opt for the cheapest tyres Centre in Ireland having a treadwear rating of 100.

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