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Tips to Host Your Last Virtual Town Hall Meeting of The Year

Virtual town hall meetings are generally the in-house events of an organization that are organized to keep all the employees, stakeholders, and the leadership on the same page. Though town hall meetings have been a part of the corporate culture for the longest time, it was after the onset of the pandemic that the organizations started hosting them virtually. 

The objective behind hosting the town hall meetings is to ensure that everyone associated with the firm is updated with the latest events and happenings of the company. 

Another aim behind hosting these meetings is to bring everyone together; right from the junior employees to the CEO on the same page. It promotes communication between employees from different departments, something that doesn’t happen during normal business hours. 

Here are some of the most common benefits of virtual town hall meetings:

  1. Through virtual town hall meetings, you can connect with your overseas colleagues. It comes as a great opportunity during times like this and if yours is an MNC.
  2. They don’t require the same preparation as their in-person counterparts. All you need is an efficient virtual town hall meeting platform, a laptop, and a stable internet connection, and you are good to go.
  3. With these meetings come endless opportunities for employees from different departments to connect. 
  4. They let the organizers record the meeting. It comes as a great advantage, as with this feature one can provide the recordings to those who couldn’t make it to the meeting.


What are some tips to host the last town hall meeting of the year?


Year ends are the perfect opportunity to host a virtual town hall meeting. You can also host a virtual meeting, to sum up, your passing year, and give it a perfect end. But, this town hall needs to be different from the rest of the meetings. We assume you know How to Host a Virtual Town Hall Meeting; hence we have brought something different for you.

Here is a guide to help you make the last town hall meeting of the year memorable.


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Gala Night:

Who says town hall meetings always have to be formal and to the point? It is your virtual town hall meeting, and you can make it the way you want it to be. Give your year-end virtual town hall meeting a gala and happening touch. Ask your employees to dress up accordingly, have a night full of fun and entertainment, and cherish the bond you share with them.


Virtual Award Show:

We all love appreciation, Isn’t it? Well, now that the year is approaching its end, give your employees their long-due appreciation. Extend your virtual town hall meeting to an award ceremony and reward your employees for their sheer dedication and hard work throughout the year.


Virtual Dance Party:

Can you name any party without dance? No, right! Dance the passing year away with your office peers and welcome the new year in the most groovy way possible. Host a dance party, and let your in-house Michael Jackson’s showcase their talents to the world.


Costume Contest:

How about hosting a costume contest and making your last virtual town hall meeting an unforgettable event? We are sure not many people would incorporate this idea into their planning. Play it off-beat, and allow everyone to bring out their other side to the table. 


Open Mic:

You have no idea that you have many comedians, poets, and singers in your cubicles. What better than allowing people to showcase their long-lost talents to the world. It will make them feel good, and of course, give others a good time. 


Year Recap:

This year was nothing short of a roller coaster ride for everyone. We had our moments of grief but also to celebrate. Take a trip down the lane with a recap video from the passing year. We are sure everyone will love this idea. We mean, what better than giving people moments to smile and be proud of themselves. 

We hope you liked the above-mentioned ideas. Incorporate them with your planning, and make the last virtual town of the year a memorable one!  


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