Style a Denim Jacket 

5 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket 

A denim jacket is a staple clothing item in every female’s home. The jacket is unlike any other. It can either dress up a super simple outfit and provide the elevation it needs or dress down a glamorous outfit to keep the flashy aspects at bay. 

Versatility of this particular type of jacket is truly unmatched. From a casual summer day at the amusement park to a date night with your special beau at the beach. This piece of clothing is not going anywhere anytime soon, it is here to stay and will probably last throughout the next few centuries. I have listed out 5 fantastic ways to style up your denim jacket: 

Add Leggings 

Ok girl, if you say you do not have some basic yoga pants or tight leggings in your wardrobe, you know you are lying. Bring together a stylish and chic look with some black leggings, white converse, a white skinny with a denim jacket and some hoop earrings to complete the look. A dash of denim is all you need to elevate a simple outfit. 

Throw it back 

Denim jackets were HUGE in the 1940s-50s. That timeline involved plenty of denim-on-denim moments. The most iconic being pairing your denim jackets with similar coloured denim jeans. Your age is of no importance when it comes to this style. Let’s crack ageism and all wear some denim on denim this 2022. If you are looking out for denim jacket womens Australia has many great stores you can check out.

Wear a Crop 

An ivory crop top will give you a Pinterest aesthetic like no other. Just imagine, a cute white cropped tee, a white skater skirt with brown boots and denim jacket! This outfit will scream trendy all the way into the next year. Accessorize with a hot pink handbag to stay on that bright coloured trend and keep it really hot in the fashion world. 

The Black Jumpsuit 

This is not as iconic as the denim jacket, but it is a pretty close runner up. You can bring back that retro style by pairing a sparkly black jumpsuit, high heels, sleek hair and you got it, the denim jacket. You can add in more accessories, from a layered chain or a cute headband to really bring your look together. This is good enough for a night out with the girls or a late-night movie date with your hubby. 


Oversized clothing items are a huge hit trend in 2022. Therefore, it should be no surprise that oversized denim jackets are a thing. Add in an oversized denim jacket with ripped jeans and black combat boots for an edgy look. You’ll be turning heads with your look this year. You can even opt for white boots to give your outfit a spunky touch. Designers all over are going to wish they could envision what you are wearing now! 

The denim jacket is an absolute essential for girls, grab it and make some fun outfits with it! 

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