Best Computer Spy software for Parents

Computing devices have got importance over the last three decades. The world has become dependent on PCs, laptops, and desktop computer devices. Therefore, we can see that every private and business organization provides laptop and desktop computer devices. They have to use the internet and stored data in computing devices.

Apart from adults, youngsters are second to none when it comes to the usage of computers. They use it for educational benefits, entertainment and also use it for plenty of inappropriate activities. Parents have reservations over kids when they spend hours and hours on the computer screen and do things without anyone’s supervision.

Therefore, parents are looking forward to getting their hands on the computer spy software to keep a hidden eye on kid’s online and offline activities.

What is computer spy software?

It is an application that you can install on laptop and desktop devices running with the MAC operating system. You need physical access to the target device and then configure the application. Moreover, you can access the web control panel and activate the features like screen recording, screenshots, keystrokes, Mic Bug, camera bug, sync settings, and block websites. Every feature provides you detailed analysis of activities performed on the target computer laptop and desktop devices.


Computer spying applications are compatible with all OS versions of computer devices running with MAC OS versions.


  • The software works secretly on the target laptop and desktop computer devices.
  • This is undetectable and works in hidden mode on the computer device.
  • It is easy to configure on the target computer device
  • It has powerful and result-oriented features
  • Every feature delivers instant information to the dashboard
  • Live screen recording is possible on mac laptops/desktop computers


  • It does not work remotely unless you have installed it on the target device
  • Remote installation of computer spy is not possible


Price & packages:

Users can buy MAC spy package premier for $40 for 1 month, $60 for 3 months, and $80 for 6 months.

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Top-rated Features of computer spying app

Here are the following features of computer monitoring software that you can use on any MAC laptop and desktop device.

Block Websites

Users can block every website of their choice on the target mac laptop device remotely. User can visit the URLs of the websites you want to block on the computer device and then use the URLs in the filters.

Live screen recording

Users can use a live screen recorder on the target device and perform real-time screen recording on the computer device screen. It is one of the best features that empower you to record back-to-back videos of the screen and send the recorded data to the electronic portal.


Users can watch time-to-time on the mac screen and know what is happening on the target device. The screenshot is a feature that empowers you to capture images of the target device screen in a series and delivers them to the web control panel.


You can capture and record every keypad strike on a computer keyboard using keystrokes logging. End users can get passwords, chats, messages, and emails keystrokes of the target device with the schedule.

Camera Bug

Users can bug the mac front camera, and take over it to capture images to know what your target device users are up to at the moment.


You can take over to the mac microphone remotely and record surrounds sounds and conversations back to back and delivers the recorded data to the dashboard.

Sync settings

Users can “ON” and “OFF” the sync settings button using the Mac spy dashboard. It enables users to unleash every feature available in the dashboard to gather information from the target computing device.

How does computer spy software work?

It is easy to install the mac spy app on the target device, and you can get the subscription online. You need to have physical access to the target computing device and start the installation process. You have to complete the configuration process successfully and activate the features to gather information from the dashboard.


Computer spy software is the best tool for parents to keep an eye on every activity of the kids without them knowing. Users can kid computer screenshots, screen recording, and keystrokes. It enables parents to protect kids from online predators and prevent them from inappropriate activities.

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