Prom Suits Detailing

Prom Suits Detailing Guide for Men

Prom Suits Detailing Guide for Men

Have you been searching for the perfect Prom suit? Well, why shouldn’t one, Prom is the certainly the most important and romantic event for any teenager. And to make the best of Prom, you need to make sure that you are dressed perfectly.

Just as for women, the perfect prom dress is the most important thing to get, for men, the Prom suit is all what it is about. Men need to get something classy, decent and elegant for Prom, that could highlight their masculinity, along with showing how charming and decent they are. 

So, if you are looking for the perfect prom suit, there are quite some things that you need to pay keen attention to. For instance, the style of your suit, the detailing, the fitting and the color. And to ease things up for you, Yeezy Gap Jacket is the brand that you need to turn to. The brand has a vast and classy collection of prom suits that you can choose from for your big night. 

As you step into the process of choosing the perfect prom dress, hundreds of things can confuse you, and that’s okay, because that’s normal. Here, in this article, we will be clearing out your confusion by listing down a detailed prom suit detailing guide for men. 

Suits, Blazers or Tuxedos?

The first and basic question that every man has in his mind, is to choose amongst a suit, blazer or a tuxedo. Well, every style has its different charm, and you need to clear things in your mind before going with one.


A prom suit can be either a two-piece or three-piece, in any color and cut that you want. A two-piece suit comprises a jacket and a trouser, and a three-piece suit has an additional waist coat as a third piece. Now when it comes to suits, you can go along with one solid color or a checkered pattern. A solid color suit, be it black, blue or white, has a separate fan base with its own charm, whereas, a checkered suit offers elegance and decency with a bold pattern and great finishing. 


With the help of a blazer, you can easily transform your casual look into a prom outfit. A blazer is basically a suit styled jacket that can go along with a shirt and jeans. These blazers tend to be more casual than formal, so you can add a bit of fancy accessories such as bow ties or ties, to add a formal touch to your look. 


With sleek and tailored style, a tuxedo can easily embrace you with a decent and elegant wear for the night. You can pair up your sleek satin lapel tuxedo, with a crisp white shirt, a bow tie and a tailored pant, to embrace yourself with the elegant and formal look that has always enthused you. 

Skinny, Tailored or Slim Fit?

To look good and stylish in a prom suit, you need it to perfectly fit you, but not too much, because you don’t want to get uncomfortable for the night, would you? You have to choose the fitting from being skinny fit, to tailored or slim fit. 

Skinny Fit

A skinny fitted Prom suit features narrow shoulders and lapels, with short length of the jacket and narrow legs. With a skinny fitted Prom suit, you can embrace yourself with a modern and smart look for the night, and is best for men with a slight or slim build. 

Tailored Fit 

A tailored fitted Prom suit features a jacket with tapered waist and classic lapels. The suit is fitted enough, but has quite a room for you to breathe. The trouser with tapered leg offers a polished look, and is usually recommended for men with large or slim build. 

Slim Fit

A slim fitted Prom suit features a narrow chest, waist, sleeves and shoulder with a tight and bodice fit. The tapered leg trouser creates a sharp look and goes perfectly on men with slim or medium build. 

Color Scheme?

Now’s the time to choose the color scheme. 

Go with the Classics – Black, Blue or Gray

If you are sure about the color scheme, then go with the classics only. Choose black, blue or grey, and let the crowd praise what they’ve always seen. 

Go all Black

To stick with the basics, go all black. Choose a sophisticated three-piece suit in black, and match it up with a black shirt and black shoes. Because all-black can never go wrong. 

Fade to Gray

Gray suits can be a great choice for Prom suits. You can transform your casual look with a gray suit, into a bold and classic one, by matching it up with a blue toned tie and a cream colored shirt. Maybe navy blue shoes can give your look the perfect finishing. 


Let your Prom suit speak for the charm and elegance that you hold. Embrace yourself with the best of all, and cherish the mesmerizing look for the night. 

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