Easy Steps to Save Yourself from Plywood Counterfeiting

What is plywood?

Plywood is a wood-based composite material produced by combining resin and wood fibre sheets. It serves many purposes, and it is sold in the form of panels. It is engineered wood mainly used for construction. It is used to cover surfaces like walls, flooring and other concrete formwork.

Plywood counterfeiting

In the last few years, concerns about counterfeiting have increased among plywood manufacturers as they try to protect their brand name, quality, business and goodwill among customers and the market.

Confidence among customers is an important factor to have good sales and trust in the company.

A lot of reports in the news have been showing that fake plywood is being sold to customers with names of high-end brands, and quality is being compromised, which in turn is affecting the performance of the actual brand company. So they have been trying to take steps and precautions to prevent and eventually stop this from happening.

Among others, duplication of plywood is a huge business and is carried out on a very large scale. Duplicating plywood is easier as compared to other items because one major reason is the packaging. Other industries can prevent duplication of their products by packaging items and adding details and company labels to ensure accuracy. At the same time, that is not possible in the plywood industry because it is sold without any packaging on it.

Customers have no access to any information regarding the authenticity of the product they have received as duplication is very detailed, and the actual brand logos of the companies are put on them, so they believe it to be of quality. In contrast, it is actually not so, and they have been duped for something they have not received and did not pay for. We’re here to your rescue. A few ways you can save yourself from plywood counterfeiting have been listed below for your reference.

  1. The store

Where you buy the plywood from is of the question because that itself clears out a lot of doubts regarding the quality and safety of its use because if you are buying from the very shop of the brand itself, it is very promising that you have got the actual brand company’s plywood and they cannot dupe you with words and the ensuring of your right to a good, and original buy is maintained.

  1. Test plywood quality

This step cannot be missed in the process of buying plywood for the house, and this matters whether you are taking it from the actual shop or a store or market outside in the city because only if the quality is good and what you are looking for, can you be sure as to whether it is a duplicate or real one. As a well aware consumer, it is your duty to test the quality of plywood before purchasing your own benefit and safety.

We at CenturyPly work towards the satisfaction of our customers, and quality is something we are known for. We do not support any sort of untrue means, and so we did not remain silent and conducted our research. We tried to find out how this process was happening, so we have worked towards it. To combat this problem and help our customers get the actual product and be able to find out what is right for themselves, we have developed an app called ‘CenturyPromise‘. It is easily available on your mobile phones and other gadgets, so access becomes very simple.

We are the first Plywood company in the country to have QR codes on every piece of plywood that we sell so that our customers can use our app to scan the QR code and find all possible information required in regards to it, ensuring complete transparency, awareness, purity and safety of them and their family and conservation of their rights as consumers.

Wrapping it up

If you are buying a panel of plywood from any Plywood manufacturer, make sure to ask them about the guarantee of the product and get enough data to ensure liability & longevity of your furniture.

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