Difference between Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Claims

Are you looking forward to filing an application or claim related to personal injury  or medical negligence you are facing? But you are not sure that what type of claim you can make and what sort of compensation you can achieve? If yes, then read this article very carefully. It will assist you in all your healthcare claiming needs.

When looking forward to filing a medical claim, you generally have two major options. These include personal injury and medical negligence claims.

Hence in order to get justice, it is vital to make sure that you are filing the right type of claim. Here, we are going to give the d detailed information about the two and the way they are dealt with in court.

What are Personal Injury Claims?

With having such cases, you will be suing either any type of individual or a company for an accident you experienced. That accident could either be a fall, slip, or shelving resulting when something is installed incorrectly. Or, in another case, you could have been a car passenger who experienced a tragic accident on road.

Such types of incidents and accidents may happen anywhere anytime. Also, they do not involve loss or damages, particularly within medical settings. Moreover, they also tend to be white and black in terms of blaming.

What are Medical Negligence Claims?

These claims usually apply when either you or any of your loved ones receive carelessness at any healthcare doctor, clinic, or hospital. Or in another case, it could be an incident where you experience loss or damage because of inappropriate care you received.

Moreover, if being treated in mental health settings, then these claims may refer to and include both physical or psychological damages.

How Do Both These Claims Differ in the Court?

While looking forward to both medical negligence and personal injury claims, it is essential that you must be able to prove your claim. You must be sure about the person or the company executive who caused damage or injury.

  • On one side, claims regarding personal injuries tend to be somehow straightforward.
  • Whereas, on the other hand, medical negligence claims are much more complex.

If any medical professional proves from his side that they did what was essential to be done, the court may dismiss the entire case.

for this basic reason, the claimant typically needs to hire a professional solicitor in Ireland for each of the above claims. Those lawyers are very well specialized in their relative fields. Sometimes they may get your cases settled before even reaching court. Thus, it proves that a reliable solicitor can assist you in getting the best settlement deal. But this is only in case when you rightly prove the wrongdoing happened to you.


As you have seen above that there are clear differences between medical negligence and personal injury claims. You may now be able to file them in court according to the circumstances and negligence you faced. However, always remember that it is crucial for you to hire a professional solicitor from a reliable law firm like Lawlor Kiernan best Solicitors in dublin. Only then your case will be strong, and you will get your desired compensation.

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