Manufacturing Attractive Gift Boxes Through Best Material of Packaging

The materials that are used to make the packaging of a product is important. The material should be attractive and durable because it will represent what is inside of the box. There are many types of packaging materials. One type that stands out is corrugate fibreboard, also known as cardboard. Cardboard boxes have any size and shape easily. There are two main types, solid-walled or open-topped (also called gable).

Corrugated fibreboard or Cardboard packaging:

  1. First, corrugated fibreboard is made in either a solid or open wall style. The solid-walled type of board is stiffer and stronger than the open-topped type, but the open-topped type board weighs less. Corrugated fibreboard can come in one to eight layers. When it is more than one layer, it is stronger than when there’s only one. The more layers you have, the less the box weighs when it’s empty and also when you stack it with other custom pre roll packaging.
  2. Second, cardboard boxes are widely available at low prices because they have wide usage throughout manufacturing industries worldwide. Therefore, many companies will provide them free or at low cost to their customers.
  3. Third, the strength of cardboard boxes makes them suitable for reuse as moving boxes. They are also easy to customize with hand scribes, pens, markers, stickers and other means.
  4. Fourth, they usually have printing or decoration on both sides with high-quality offset printing press machines that will never go obsolete.
  5. fifth, Cardboard boxes are very popular. There is a lot of demand for them. This means many people want to buy them. Also, there are many ways to make custom cardboard boxes which helps keep the cost low per box.
  6. Finally, cardboard provides a good environment for decorating with glitters since it has smooth surfaces that don’t have any noticeable fibers or rough spots.

Why there is need of solid box packaging for presenting a gift?

For presenting gifts to the persons there is a need of best boxes which will attract the consumers also. The gift box has to be strong enough to support the product. There are many reasons why boxes have preference. There are lots of different types of boxes. They are made out of cardboard and they can have decoration. There are many sizes and shapes to choose from too.

They also provide protection during shipping. Cardboard boxes are the best way to package your fragile items for shipping.

Packaging gives customer a perceiving value It’s not just about protecting your products while shipping them out to customers. As, every good retailer knows that customers are looking for an aesthetically pleasing gift box to present their loved ones with gifts.

Gift Boxes are cost effective:

Using recycled cardboard boxes is environmentally the best choice and saves you money. Now, these are the best packaging boxes for shipping any type of goods. However, there is yet another selection out there those retailers need to be aware of. This last category consists in corrugated plastic boxes. These containers have comparison to their cardboard cousins with respect to costs and environmental friendliness with the general consensus remaining in favor of corrugated plastic when it comes down to pricing.

Corrugated Plastic is less expensive than paperboard. It also requires fewer raw materials during manufacturing. It’s more resistant than paperboard against water penetration or when immersed under seawater. Its strength and versatility make it a good packaging material for heavy, dense and bulky items. It has the ability to get mold into shapes other than those traditional to paperboard.

They are better than other types of tuck end box because they let less things shake around inside them, so the contents are less likely to break.

Features of corrugated plastic:

Corrugated plastic is made from three layers of paper and two thin layers of plastic. The paper does not use any adhesive, so no chemicals releases when you make this type of container. Specific corrugated containers can also have recycling option at specialized facilities along with like-minded materials such as cardboard and paper. Convenience stores, electronics and grocery shops favor these containers due to their low cost and strong resistance properties. Different sizes for this container are available depending upon what does it contain. Manufacturing attractive gift boxes through best material of packaging.

The paper for this container has wrapping around a long or short cylinder. This forms the box. The machine is made of four parts: side forming blades, shear blades, an insert and two unloading stations. These cut the paper into strips before it goes through the forming chamber where blades bend it to lie with one layer on top of another. Afterward, the interlock form by passing each piece between pairs of side-forming rotating blades.

How kraft and carboard are best for gift boxes?

In some cases, cardboard or Kraft boxes are used for packaging purposes. This type of box is the cheapest among the other types of materials that a company can use to make a box. It usually consists of two flat pieces of paper with one piece printed on both sides and glued together using an adhesive.

Kraft and cardboard boxes are both good for packaging. But it all depends on what you need. Kraft boxes are cheap, recyclable, easy to get in different colors and sizes, light-weight, yet sturdy enough which do not ripe apart by customers when they receive the product inside the box from its provider. On top of that, these types of packaging materials also allow adding a personal touch by using stickers or drawings on the box.


When it comes to designing your packaging, you have many options for materials and colors. You can choose from paper, plastic, metal or any other material that suits your brand identity best. Choose the right material for your product boxes. There are different types of finishes that can apply to make them look this way or that. The most important thing about choosing the right material is making sure it fits with your brand identity, so people who see these gift boxes on store shelves or online will know they are special not just ordinary purchases.


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