Managing Twitter for Client? 5 Incredible Features to Boost Your Productivity

When it comes to talking about the social media apps everyone has the name Twitter and Instagram on their edge of the tongue, and as they should be because both of them have many great features and both are incredible in their ways.

Today we are going to take a peek-a-boo into some amazing features of the Twitter application that makes Twitter one of the best social media platform.

Let’s take a look at the list of features first:

  • Auto-filling sentences.
  • Who can read/comment on your tweet?
  • Trending list carrying whole world’s information.
  • Follow and unfollow anytime, anyone, anywhere you wish.

Yeah, given above are some of the features of the Twitter application that, we are going to read up deeply about so let’s start with the first one


This feature helps everyone that has been facing difficulties withspelling mistakes or who does not ever remember anyone’s usernames.

This auto-filling feature suggeststo you what could be the next sentence or word for your write-up. And not just the sentences if you roughly write 1-2 letters after @ two tiers recognizes and lists you, everyone with that starting letters. This saves time and makes tweeting easy.

Also, has tags can also be suggested to you according to the topic of the tweet.


This one feature of Twitter is refreshing and respects the private life e of every human being using the Twitter application.

On Twitter you can decide who can read and comment on your tweet, it is a pretty awesome detail. You can just friend zone the tweet and only your friend circle will be able to see your tweet.

This element can be seen when you are done writing your tweet and you are about to post, take a look at the upside of your keyboard, and there on the left side, you can see “who can comment/ see my tweet” just click and choose. And you are good to go.


You might think that this is a joke, but no. Seriously, this app is so fast that anything that happens in any corner of the world and the two-tier will be flooded with its information, before any other social media app.

Amazing isn’t it?

But this trending list of weekscauses virtual wars sometimes so be careful. And anyways you can delete old tweets anytime you want, so if you realize the negative impact on the tweet you can just delete your old tweet.


This feature is common in every social media platform but it is an amazing feature after all is I am going to mention it anyway.

If you find hateful content from someone you know (follow) you can just unfollow them and cut out them from connecting to you just by clicking one button. And if you find someone sweet and honest you don’t know then you can follow them but just clicking a single button.

If you are too lazy to search noob accounts, you can use Twitter unfollow tool for it. They make it easier for you. Search twitter unfollow tools on the internet and choose one according to your budget.

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