List of Apple Tools to Level-up Your iOS App Development

Apple has recently launched an all-new set of technologies and tools designed exclusively to take iOS app development to the next level

Every iPhone app development company worldwide is adapting to the advanced tools that allow them to develop high-quality applications quickly while offering an intriguing experience. 

As per the Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations at Apple, Susan Prescott, the complete toolset of Xcode Cloud, constant advancements in Swift, and a new range of APIs will add to the reach of an application and attract even more audience for an iOS app owner. 

The advancements are launched to strengthen the power of Apple. 

So let’s dive in and learn about the latest tools launched by Apple: 

  •  Swift:

Swift is a spontaneous and robust programming language built with concurrency support provided to developers for efficient code writing. The correspondent features of Swift allow developers to code quickly and securely while making fewer mistakes and attain all benefits of the robust multi-core silicon in every Apple device. 

What’s more? The Swift UI also enhances list views, in-app accessibility features, search experiences, multicolumn tables, etc. it also allows developers to reinvent the UI development of an application making it aesthetically pleasing and good-looking. 

The current Swift version has leveled up the development experience, therefore enhancing the user experience. 

  • Augmented Reality:

Apple caters to the largest AR platform worldwide. It has more than a billion devices connected with AR, powered by ARKit. The framework helps developers create AR experiences effectively.

The rendering, audio, animation, RealityKit, and physics engine make AR’s background function at its best. 

RealityKit 2 comes up with a powerful yet simple API, Object Capture on macOS monetary. The API enables coders to develop high-standard, realistic 3D models displaying real-world objects quickly. This is done via pictures shot on iPhone, DSLR, and iPad and transformed into AR-driven 3D objects. 

These models can be added to AR scenes and viewed via AR Quick Look. 

  • Games and Graphics:

Every iPhone app development agency dealing in the gaming industry is currently rejoicing with the launch of these brilliant tools. The new tools and APIs in iOS allow developers to level up their game development and deliver the best gaming experience to their users. 

The launch of an all-new Metal texture compressor tool extends support for all latest formats and optimization in the formats of Apple silicon. This makes it easy for the developers to create high-end games for every Apple platform there is. 

What’s more? The new iPhone virtual game controller paves the way for optimized game building with the game controller support. 
The upgrades mentioned above are some of the significant modifications Apple has brought to the table in 2021. These upgrades are targeted at easing out the iOS app development process in all genres or fields. 

Apple has provided:

  • Smarter coding.
  • Quick results.
  • A better time to market.
  • An array of advanced tools and technologies to use. 

However, that is not all. Apple has much more to offer. 

Additional tools and APIs for developers: 

Apple is here to provide coders with a wide range of APIs and tools for an advanced developing experience, offering users an even better user experience and ultimately adding to the app’s popularity. 

These additional technologies can allow an iPhone app development company and developers to create new features with integrated privacy. 

  • Xcode 13 – With perfect integration with Xcode cloud, the tool adds a list of powerful development features that collaborate with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. 

  • Third-party video calling – Apps built with this feature can benefit from the FaceTime enhancements made recently. These enhancements include portrait mode, voice isolation, and wide-spectrum audio.

  • SharePlay – the tool enables popular applications such as ESPN+, HBO Max, Disney+, TikTok, Hulu MasterClass, etc., to build new kinds of shared experiences for iOS users. |

  • Messaging – Applications such as WeChat and Slack can now use conversations to share user stats. Siri-induced messages can now be set on applications like Uber Eats, and the notifications APIs now enable communication and high-priority notifications from apps like Zomato and Chase Mobile.

  • Third-Party Navigation – Using the tool, Apple applications can now display the map view in the cluster display of a vehicle’s instrument. And the testing efficiency is greatly improved with the new CarPlay simulator.

  • TestFlight – The tool allows developers to test in-app purchases and other features in the iOS application.

  • Safari extensions – These extensions are being built by many apps, including Grammarly and Honey. These are available across all Apple devices.

  • StoreKit 2 – The tool is responsible for ensuring that the users find in-app purchases secure and safe. It is recently integrated with the new API that handles subscriber status and product entitlement while providing testing support in Apple sandbox and Xcode environments. 


The new tools can leverage the working of an iOS app development agency and take the iOS app development to another level. Developers can now use these brilliant tools to simplify their coding process while making the best enhancements in the application they develop. 

Both entrepreneurs and developers can benefit from the tool, and at the same time, they are capable of upgrading the existing app market with remarkable features.

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