Why Is It Worth Investing In Landscape Lighting?


The fact that it is worth investing in landscape lighting is beyond dispute. However, not everyone is aware of why it is worth making such an investment and what benefits it can bring. The following examples should dispel any doubts and encourage garden owners to buy landscape lighting.

Lighting Makes The Garden Safer

Everyone agrees that safety is by far the most important. The garden will be a much safer place if it is properly lit in the evenings and at night. Here, attention should be paid to this “proper lighting,” i.e., it must be properly arranged and installed. In the case of lighting with electrical installation, it is best to have it installed by professionals. It cannot stand anywhere and anyhow, because that would cause constant stumbling, possibly falling down, and even electric shock!

In turn, lighting, when properly installed, will be of great help. Thanks to it, you will be able to walk along the garden alleys without the risk of stumbling over a stone or a toy left by a child (here, it is worth considering the lighting installed in the pavement along the alleys). Due to the fact that we will see quite well where we are going, we will not accidentally destroy flowers and other plants. It is equally important to illuminate the stairs leading to the house and illuminate the driveway. It is worth remembering that the illuminated garden is a place so visible that uninvited guests will also be able to move around it.

Lighting Makes The Garden A Magical Place

Evening walks and any other rest in the fresh air in your own garden is incredibly soothing, inspiring you to sleep peacefully. However, it is certainly not pleasant to wander in the dark and wonder if it was only the wind that moved the trees or if someone was here… Being in the garden should be associated with relaxation, not stress.

Lighting the garden will not be accompanied by a feeling of fear and will additionally introduce a nice, romantic atmosphere. A well-kept and properly lit garden will be a magical place and people who love nature will surely appreciate this fact.  Again here, thanks to landscape lighting that they will also be able to admire garden space at night.

What Do You Need To Know?

When thinking about landscape lighting, keep in mind that you will need to run cables under the soil. It is not an easy matter, so it will be a good choice to entrust it to professionals instead of having to deal with technical matters yourself.

The buried cable must be wrapped with a blue warning foil or a so-called “conduit.” Also, note that with low-voltage lamps, you will also need to purchase a small transformer. This device is used to convert electricity from high voltage.

What Are The Types Of Lamps?

When choosing landscape lighting, it is worth paying attention to the most common types of lamps – you can often find cast iron, aluminum, or plastic lamps in gardens.

The former, as the name suggests, are made of heavy cast iron, which unfortunately makes them susceptible to corrosion. The use of this type of lighting will find its place in parks and streets. The popularity of this type of lamp is decreasing year by year.

Aluminum lamps are a much better choice for people who appreciate the durability of materials because they are resistant to all weather conditions. In addition, compared to cast iron lamps, they are light and available in various colors because they can be varnished. Landscape lighting of this type is characterized by a modern design that fits into any garden.

Good quality plastic, also like aluminum, is resistant to harsh weather conditions. Additionally, such lamps are distinguished by their low price, which makes them a very good choice for people who have limited financial resources.

Landscape Lighting – What Costs?

The second most important thing about what to consider when choosing garden decorations, apart from the aesthetics, is the price. The lamps themselves can oscillate from a dozen to several hundred dollars, but you need to add the costs of cables that will be distributed underground, external sockets, and connection of the entire lighting by an electrician whose service varies in the price.

So, all these things add up to the cost of landscape lighting. Consider it all when you make your budget for landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is surely a good investment to make in your home. If you are not sure about how should you proceed with landscape lighting, contact expert Landscapers such as team Done Right.

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