Employee Monitoring app

Incorporation of Employee Monitoring app in Business Life

Incorporation of Employee Monitoring app in Business Life

When you have a passion for something, you should give it a go, you never know what you stumble upon. While discovering my passion, I actually ended up exploring my abilities. My passion was photography and videography, while doing so I discovered I am more capable of managing talents, organizing events, and doing public events. With the help of my acquaintance, I started my own business of talent house. This business is for talented people in different fields like editors, videographers, craftspersons and organizes theme-based uniques events for different brands. We organize music parties, campaigns for perfume launches, and books publicity events. I am in business for almost 6 years now and it wasthe right time for me to expand this business in other cities. For my business,I required new staff and trustworthy people. As a picky person, I have a habit of doing everything, nitpicking on every decision. Any final decision I made, I go through a whole checklist and then finalize it. It was very hard for me to not decide what was going on in new branches. My main clients are in the main branch, and of course, I couldn’t be in two places at once. To get out of this predicament, I opted to use the OgyMogy spy app. It was one of the best decisions, if not the best decision I made. I Informed all of my staff beforehand, what’s coming next, and this is going to change the things we work on. To make the work efficient and better communication we will use the Ogymogy spy app.

Ogymogy is a great employee monitoring app, whatever tensions I had; they were gone in the second month. Now I do not need to worry about them missing even small details like choosing the wrong shade of colour, right font size for invitation cards, and approving guest lists. It is better to monitor my employees and keep a check if they are slacking their work.

There are many great features that the Ogymogy spy app provides, some of them are discussed below:

Screen Recording:

Some business deals are very important; they bring future potential clients and increase your revenue. When I get any such client, I need to be extra careful and protective of details that go in with that event. I need to make sure every member is on their best behaviour and working up to mark. For that, I can use screen recording in real-time and check out how the meeting is going.

Gmail screen recorder:

All the official communication is done using emails. Gmail is the most used email service used by almost all businesses. My company has a protocol set in place to answer any query, project proposal, and complaint. By usinga Gmail screen recorder, Ican look up if all the employees are using a set protocol for communication, to avoid any mistakes in the future.

Facebook monitoring:

In my company, employees are given android phones and devices to communicate with each other and clients. It is not allowed to contact outsiders or friends using these devices. Many times employees were found surfing on apps like Facebook for non-business activities. To make them focus on tasks at hand, I can track Facebook activity and warn them to not waste time.

Block and Unblock Installed Apps:

Business devices contain all sorts of sensitive data about deals, client details, and upcoming projects. There are clients who very much worry about their privacy and do not want any news leaking around their future projects. To protect this I need to make sure all of the phones and computers are free of any malicious or virus-based applications. By using the OgyMogy app I can block any app fromthe online control panel. That way I can rest assured of any data breaching or virus-led app hacking my clients’ privacy.

The OgyMogy is one of the best employee monitoring software in the market. I need to make one thing clear here, it is unethical to use any spy app in the personal gadget of the employee. For harmonized work, and honest working relationships the employees must be informed beforehand about the employee monitoring software.



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