How To Earn $100k From Bitcoin?

The worth of the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has almost crushed the ceiling, and it is presently at $55k. Previously, this cryptocurrency cruised to the history of reaching $20k in 2017. Many things run in the minds of people. Unsurprisingly, most of these are abrogating. Individuals say Bitcoin is a bubble, although the cryptocurrency has proved it wrong. Those who remain convinced about Bitcoin invest in Bitcoin and make the most out of it. When you think Bitcoin will make you rich, you actually get rich. The top strategies allow you to earn $100k from Bitcoin. Now, let’s look at them below. 

Earn $100k From Bitcoin Today

One of the easiest ways to earn money from Bitcoin is to HODL. You have to do nothing more than just keeping Bitcoin in your wallet. As the price of Bitcoin rises, you sell a portion and make an exit. However, the profits you realize are not enough. Bitcoin is extremely volatile, and you should be able to make the most out of it. So, what is the other method to reach at least $100k for profits? Since Bitcoin remains at $50k to $55k, and you are making your move for more than that, there is another strategy called hedging Bitcoin. 

Yes, you have to hedge at least 100 Bitcoins. Now, if you cannot buy one Bitcoin only, you should better not look for anything. While hedging, you eliminate the existing positions full of risks. You sell Bitcoin while expecting the price would decline within a short time. One condition may arise when the price falls immediately when you sell. You can then buy Bitcoin back and make your profits from the difference. The potential loss will turn into profit with this Bitcoin trading strategy. Hedging may be different from short selling because while hedging, traders can choose to even go for CFDs.  

The next way to earn $100k or more is to trade with the trending market. You choose a timeframe when Bitcoin is about to touch an all-time high. Some Bitcoin millionaire stories really indicate individuals made their bets when Bitcoin was in the bullish position and bought when it was in the bearish one. In other words, when you buy at the lowest possible price and sell at the highest price, you make profits. This strategy is enough to give you a lump sum profit for a month. Many people do not want to miss out on something that is called FOMO.

FOMO gives rise to the likely next big thing that could either rise or fall. In the case of Bitcoin, you can earn when people speculate Bitcoin would reach an all-time high. Traders can also enter the market as quickly as possible before the market turns bullish. Here they need to look at the crypto news and price predictions. Staying technically updated is necessary before entering the market. When the price rises, it is called a breakout. In this breakout trading strategy, the actual volatility occurs with the assistance of resistance level and key support. 

Is Bitcoin Bullish Or Bearish?

Bitcoin is more bullish and less bearish. The latest gain has already set it to $55k, and within a few days, it could reach $60k. One of the reasons the entire crypto market is capped at $2.2 trillion is that Bitcoin is performing better than other cryptocurrencies. Many derivative exchanges observed an uptick. Crypto whales or big companies try to obtain thousands of Bitcoins. That triggers bearish trends instead of bullish trends, without a doubt. When such occasions arrive, you need to buy instead of making a sale. This month, Bitcoin has recovered from the previous slump.   

So, it is time to look for this cryptocurrency. You should join a reliable crypto platform that shares the latest news, updates and price predictions. Price predictions may be right or wrong, but you get an idea of what could happen in the next coming days. Gone are the days when Bitcoin was at $10. Those who invested at that time are already on the Bitcoin millionaires list. Some even became billionaires by going further with Bitcoin trades, investments and mining. Nowadays, you cannot become a billionaire quickly. Many obstacles have entered to hinder the growth of cryptocurrencies. 

Final Thoughts

You can easily earn $100k from Bitcoin by following the strategies I have given above. Newbies cannot start with a big amount that is required to spend. Hence, they should look for altcoins rather than Bitcoin. When you choose multiple altcoins and add them to your portfolio, you benefit better than those who HODL one or two altcoins and wait for the right time. Bitcoin is one of the biggest gainers. It is the king of the crypto world. Several countries are allowing Bitcoin within their boundaries. Eventually, it is making risk-takers well-off. 

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