How Social Media Is Ruining Lives and Can Phone Tracker Help

Recently all the major social media platforms were full of articles and blog posts regarding a missing girl. She was out on cross country road trip with her boyfriend but then her boyfriend came back home alone. Long story short later her body remains were discovered. It must be a very difficult time for her parents and family.

As a jolly girl who is posting happy moments and sharing about her road trip journey on every social media blog post ended dead on that same trip. Visit her youtube channel or Instagram account and you will find a smiling girl all over the newsfeed. Well, that is all not true. One of the biggest flex of these social media and instant messenger chat apps is that they do not show everything in its real form.

  • A recent Facebook research study revealed that in every three teen girls one is affected by body image issues by the Instagram posts.

Teenagers think life for the online vlogger, bloggers, or influencers is all about living happy moments and sharing the best memories. They think they are just enjoying every second of their life and have no problems or real-life issues whatsoever. Which is incorrect.

Of course, online platform makes it hard for people on the other side of the screen to know about the sad or pathetic yet real moments everyone goes through.

So what is the way out? You cant tell your teen girl to not use Instagram or don’t stop your boy from streaming YouTube. But eventually, you can keep an eye on their activities to make sure they are using the digital platform in the best way.

Phone Tracker App Help Parents to Protect Teens

The smartphone is one of the most common gateways to the online world. Thus a phone tracker app can help parents to monitor the teenager’s lifestyle and help them in the need.OgyMogy offers the best solution to every digital age problem in the easiest way possible.

Here is how you can save your children especially teenagers from the toxicity of the online world.

All That Glitter Is Not Gold:

Not every happy post on Instagram means that the respective person is living in paradise. Sometimes everything is fake and just for follower’s interests. It is like a business now to run an account and keep the people around them curious about their personal life. The phone tracker app offers an Instagram spy app that allows the parents to monitor every Instagram post and followers list of the target person. Know if your kid is following too many vloggers or fascinating influencer’s life and tell them that not everything is real.

Don’t Believe Everything You See On Facebook:

Users with Facebook easy sharing options, there are more memes and fabricated news than the real one. The Facebook spy app feature of the phone tracker app is the real deal for parents who want to know about the Facebook activities of the kids. Don’t make them follow fake people monitor their likes and comments section and groups joined by them. Everything is in remote access of the parents with a phone app.

Snapchat Filters And Lens  Manipulate Body Image Perspective:

Snapchat offers millions of filters and lens that will make your face glow, slim or anything you want. The false body perfection standards can affect the kid’s mental health and make them lose confidence in their real body shape or color. Use of these filters just for fun is ok. But take notes if your teenager shows obsessive symptoms regarding any special filter or lens. The Snapchat monitoring app can help you track such behavior in your kid as it gives updates about every Snapchat activity. If there is no record of the data in your child’s gadget, the phone tracker keeps the recordings on the web portal.

Private Chat Box  Are Harresement Hub:

Use the spy app and monitor every private chat box of the social media account or instant messenger chat app. Name it and you will find the monitoring feature at the OgyMogy store.

The Race For YouTube Channel Subscription:

Don’t allow them fake things just for the sake of YouTube Content. Monitor channels updates and keep an eye on steaming history as well with the YouTube screen monitoring feature.

Don’t allow a fake world to control your teen emotions.

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