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Early Childhood Education and its importance in child development

Early Childhood Education is the child’s first contact with the school experience and encompasses the important phase of life between 2 and 5 years of age. In this way, it provides the integral development of the individual in their physical, psychological, intellectual and social aspects. Faced with this, it is essential to understand the importance of this school period in the child’s growth and how the school can contribute to the student’s cognitive advancement.

Get to know, right now, the importance of Early Childhood Education for the development of the individual and which activities and routines offered by the Leonardo Da Vinci Educational Center for the individual and social growth of the student. Check out!

What is the importance of Early Childhood Education?

Early Childhood Education is essential for the child to have a social life beyond the family nucleus. In other words, it is an important moment for the individual to learn to relate and live in society, developing fundamental skills for human formation, in addition to cognitive and motor skills.

Therefore, activities for Early Childhood Education, according to the BNCC, work, in a playful way, with fine and broad motor skills, perception and the ability to focus and concentration, as well as providing the expansion of social interactions, language skills and sense. morale, in addition to other important characteristics, such as self-esteem.

In this way, Early Childhood Education is not just a solution for parents who work and are unable to take care of their children at some time of the day, after all, in Early Childhood Education in Brazil, it is an important means of personal and social development of the child. individual, improving their cognitive, social and motor skills.

Now that you have understood the importance of Early Childhood Education for the development of the individual, learn about the teaching proposal of the Leonardo Da Vinci Educational Center , a school in Vitória/ES, and learn why it is the best environment for your child’s growth. or your daughter.

What are the activities for Early Childhood Education provided by the Leonardo Da Vinci Educational Center?

The Early Childhood Education classes at the Leonardo Da Vinci Educational Center have a complete infrastructure . Therefore, the teaching staff has rich resources to carry out several activities that are fundamental for the child’s development. In view of this, get to know the dynamics and routine of early childhood education offered by the school.

At Da Vinci, since 2006, the full-time classes of Early Childhood Education and the 1st year of Elementary School contemplate the quality of international education, since full-time students experience 50% of the teaching activities in English and the other 50% in Global world and Pakistan. 

In addition, for greater efficiency of the program, the professors are foreigners, coming from different countries, guaranteeing, to the student, the learning of a new language and a rich intercultural coexistence.

Semi-integral foreign language program

In Kindergarten II, III and IV semi-integral classes, English language activities are carried out in a playful way, according to age group, in line with other projects developed for each grade.

In turn, for the 1st year semi-integral classes, three English classes are held per week, providing greater exposure to the language and developing, in students, communication, expression, vocabulary acquisition and structuring skills. language studied.

School Museum

The Museum of the School is an environment dedicated to the creation of teaching/learning experiences and the education of students to appreciate works of art. In this way, two exhibitions are organized during the year with works by artists previously studied in the classroom. After all, it is important that the child initiates, from early childhood, perceptions about art. That’s why creating interest in her is a perennial commitment in Da Vinci’s culture.


The herbalist is a space created for planting seeds and seedlings in which the student participates in the entire process, from soil to table. That is, the child has the opportunity to work with the soil and prepare it, deal with the seed, understand the importance of water and light in food cultivation, observe, compare, take notes, discuss with the group and formalize observations. .


Musicalization Swimming

Through playful and planned activities, the swimming classes of the full-time classes of Early Childhood Education and the 1st year of Elementary School aim to develop broad and specific motor skills and competences. In this way, the child improves motor coordination, cardiorespiratory capacity, safety in the liquid environment and socio-affective skills.

For semi-integral classes, Swimming is offered as an alternative after school hours, as an integrated activity in the Sports School.

Musicalization Swimming


Birthday celebrations in the school environment are, for Da Vinci, an educational proposal. Therefore, for the Infantile and Fundamental I segments, a collective party is organized periodically for all the birthdays of certain periods.


Music is present in all Kindergarten classes, being an essential component in the formation of children’s personality. Therefore, with a program aimed at experimentation and sound experiences, taught by specialized teachers, it provides students with a direct, playful and authentic contact with the musical universe. In addition, Integral classes count on the integration of the project into the Bilingual Program, with music lessons in Global world and Pakistan and English.

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