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Does Your Child Really Need the Gummy Vitamins?

Does Your Child Really Need the Gummy Vitamins?

Parents always aim at providing their kids an all-rounded nutrition that lacks nothing. Kids, on the other hand, make sure that it remains a struggle for their parents, unless the kids are too nice.  However, the advancement in Science and Technology have come up with supplements that you could feed your kids, and they are more likely to choose them because they think they are candies or bubblegum. For instance you can find the best fish oil gummies from a nearby place on recommendation of a doctor to compensate for your kid not eating fish or other  rich sources of vitamins.  However, are they reliable or not? Let’s discuss it.

What Are Gummy Vitamins?

Resembling jellies, gummy vitamins are chewy and sweet replacements to the natural sources of vitamins. They are palatable and can be chewed for a long time. Gelatin, cornstarch, and sweeteners are additives that go in to making these gummies.

They have a variety of flavours, shapes, and sizes to display. One can choose their kid’s preference and continue to give them as the prescription suggests.

The Debate Revolving the Use of Gummy Vitamins

While the creators of the gummy vitamins claim that the gummies are best supplements and promise a number of benefits, there is sufficient scientific and medicinally researched data that claims that they are not as good as they are being shown.

It stands true that nothing is comparable to natural suppliers of nutrients. However, the gummies can be useful if you have some restrictions on your diet, or that your child is a picky eater. Only in these circumstances, could the gummies be useful to you. Otherwise, the best option is still to go with natural supplements like fruits and vegetables.

More to the contrast is that gummies consist of sugars, isomalt and other sweeteners which arenot always beneficial for health. Some gummies are loaded with citric acid which can be devastating for the oral health.  The sweet flavours can further complicate your conditions of Diabetes and affect your weight. Liver damages are common to kids and adults who use gummies a lot. On the contrary, natural supplements do not have any such risks involved as long as you are taking balanced amount of food which is well-rounded in different types of nutrients.

When Should You Resort to Vitamin Gummies?

Although gummies are super appealing to kids and adults, you should put your kid to use these gummies if they do not take healthy diet at any cost. Vitamin gummies should be your last resort and your health care provider can guide you with regards to the consumption of the vitamin gummies. Since they are appealing in sight and taste, they are pretty much the most popular kind of multivitamin supplements.

All is Not That Bad

If your child loves the vitamin gummies and all you have been hearing are bad reviews, here are some benefits that can put you to ease.  If your child does not eat anything else then it is great that multivitamin gummies exist. Your paternal caring self would be satisfied and assured that your kid does not become victim of any vitamin or mineral deficiency. Sometimes, gummy vitamins have an easy absorption in our circulation system then our regular diet. For kids, who have similar situation, gummy vitamins will be favorable for them.

Moreover, the gummy vitamins are more preferable than pills. So, if you have a kid who has to take a certain multivitamin pill, it is better to look for substitute through channels and give your child gummy vitamin as a medicine. This way you can prevent your child from nutritional deficiency.

Choosing The Right Multivitamin Gummies

If you have to choose a substitute in form of gummies you should take care about what kind of multivitamins you are giving to your child. You should look for a formula which involves the least amount of the sugars as possible. Look for gummies that are acknowledged by a third party and are recommended. Make sure that you are not buying a sugar- coated supplement for your child which would only lead to cavities and addiction. Kids may get accustomed to taking more than they need which can lead to serious health issues. Look for the nutrients chart on the gummies packaging. Usuallykids suffer from Vitamin D deficiency or iron deficiency. So choosing something that could build up a good diet for your child can be helpful.

However, the best route is to confirm from your healthcare provider to suggest to you the dosage and kind of vitamin gummies that would not affect your child’s health adversely.

Final Say

Keeping in mind the risks as well as benefits of vitamins gummies, the best thing is to make your child get used to natural sources. Make as much effort as possible to maintain regularhealthy meals for your children. If the kids do not cooperate, then opt for gummies but be vigilant and not let your kids consume more than they need.



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