Can Meditation Provide Positive Energy?

It has been proven by research multiple times that doing yoga or meditation improves your health, both physically and mentally. Another thing that was also proven during research is that when some do meditation, it increases the amount of energy in their bodies. As this energy is born out of peace, it is positive energy and not the negative energy that is born out of chaos. A lot of people who meditate regularly find themselves more energetic as compared to those who do not. Positive energy helps you motivate yourself, and it also improves your lifestyle. It helps you live a healthy and peaceful life.  

How does It work? 

To understand how it works, we need to understand the basic difference between positive and negative energy. The basic difference between these two is that the negative energy is born out of chaos while the positive energy comes from peace. And when you do meditation, your body and mind are at rest or in a peaceful state. This is how meditation helps you get more positive energy.  

Meditation Poses For Positive Energy: 

Here is a list of some meditation poses that help you calm yourself and get more positive energy.  

  • Easy Pose: 

This is one of the best and most easy poses. It is the best pose because it is easy to do, and it helps you prepare for other poses. It also helps you become calm and helps you focus your attention. To do the easy pose in meditation, you will have to sit while folding your legs over one another. Sit in this easy pose for a few seconds and prepare yourself for inhaling and exhaling. Place your hands on the folded ankle of each leg and straighten your back. After that take a deep breath in, and out. Keep repeating this pose as much as possible. It can last from a few minutes to fifteen minutes.  

  • Cat-Cow Pose: 

This is one of the most common poses that help you generate more positive energy. This is a pose that requires standing on your knees and hands and supporting the middle section of your body in the air. After that, you will slowly bring your head down and your back up. After this, you will bring your head upwards, while taking your back into a normal position. During this procedure, keep breathing, as your breathing will increase the positive energy that you get from this pose.  

  • Warrior II Pose: 

This is also one of the best poses in meditation that help you get more positive energy. This is a simple pose that requires you to get your body in the shape of a warrior. This pose induces a lot of positive energy and provides your calm, and comfort. This pose requires spreading your feet apart from one another to get in a balanced position. After that, you put your weight on one leg and straighten the other leg on your backside. Now, spread your hands on the sides of your body. This will give you the shape of a warrior who is about to defend himself. While changing your position through this pose you should focus on your breathing.  

  • Dancer Pose: 

This is one of the simple poses that requires you to shape your body in a way that depicts the pose of a dancer. That is why it is known as the dancer pose. First of all, stand on both legs and bend your upper part towards the ground. Now, lift one of your legs, and support it with your hand. Keep your other leg on the ground and another hand in the air spread. You can also do it by catching your leg with both of your hands. Whatever the way you choose to do it, you will get the same benefits. This pose will induce creativity inside you and will fill you up with positive energy.  

  • Goddess Pose: 

This is a pose that depicts the shape of a goddess. You start by spreading your legs away from one another. After that, you keep your back straight. There are multiple positions for the hands. You should do all these hand variations in a balanced way. For example, if you are lifting your hands, you should lift both of your hands. According to the research, people who do this pose regularly find themselves more motivated. They also believe in good, and this happens because the goddess post induces a lot of positive energy by providing calm, and peaceful moments.  


Meditation helps you get a lot of positive energy. Positive energy is responsible for success in your life. Positive energy helps you control your negativity and demotivation. It helps you try again and until you become successful. But to get these benefits, you should know how to practice these poses. You can learn these poses from Arhanta Yoga Ashram 

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