Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kabul That Must Be On Your Itinerary In 2021

Afghanistan has been a historically diverse country at the crossroads of numerous peoples and civilizations. This landlocked nation, which is diverse owing to its past, features several lovely cities that are rich in culturally significant historical sites. Despite the fact that Kabul has experienced significant changes, such as new buildings and heavy traffic, the old city’s marketplaces and other landmarks remain the lifeblood of the city.

The fabric of this vast country in the heart of Asia today is a reminder of its turbulent past and dangerous location: cities like Mazar-i-Sharif and Kandahar are filled with dingy mosques and breathtaking madrasas; ancient trading routes crossed the opium fields, and the dusty desert gives way to snow-capped peaks and alpine glaciers.

For all the people who are in the mood of having a tour. Without any doubt, book emirates reservations online and save up to 45% off on every flight. Take a look at the best places in Kabul. Here are some of Afghanistan’s most attractive cities, ranging from Jalalabad in the east to Balkh in the north. The following are some of the sights to see in Kabul:

Babur Gardens

Babur Garden, also known as Bagh-e-Babur in Kabul, Afghanistan, is a historical park and the ultimate burial place of Babur, the first Mughal emperor. The gardens are thought to have been built about 1528 AD when Babur ordered the creation of a street garden in Kabul, which is now one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions

Kabul Zoo

If you want to get away from it all, the Kabul Zoo is a lovely location to visit. Kabul Zoo is a fantastic site to visit for families, children, and teenagers, who come here every day to have fun. You must have a ticket to enter, which you may obtain at the door. A pleasant spot for both children and adults to spend some time and relax.

Kabul Museum

The National Museum of Kabul, also known as the National Archaeological Museum of Afghanistan, is located in Kabul, the country’s capital. It was founded in 1920 and is one of Kabul’s most popular tourist destinations. In the old city of Kabul, the museum is situated in a two-story structure. During Taliban control in Afghanistan in August and September 1996, a Central Asian collection of over 100,000 coins was stolen.

Bala Hissar

Bala Hisar is an ancient fort in Kabul, Afghanistan, and is a must-see attraction in the city. The building is expected to begin in the fifth century AD. Bala Hisar is located at the foot of the Gai-e-Sherdarwaza mountain, south of the contemporary city center. Bala Hisar was originally separated into two parts: the lower fort (the royal fort of Bala Hisar), which includes stables, barracks, and three royal residences, and the higher fort (the royal fort of Bala Hisar), which holds the infamous Kale armory and jail. 

ARG Presidential Office

The Afghan government’s Rashtrapati Bhavan. It was constructed in 1880 and is still in use. What a magnificent site with so many historical memories; we will never forget what Afghanistan was and is today. Because the President of Afghanistan resides here, security is tight and movement is restricted, thus your options are limited. However, the situation is consistent throughout the country. In the United Kingdom, for example, visitors are not permitted to enter the Queen’s palace, but they may view it from the London fence.

Kabul Darul Aman Palace

This wonderful ancient structure, which was elegant and appealing in its time before the conflict, is located not far from the center of Kabul. It is not far from either of the two locations I mentioned before if you are visiting one of them. You may also pay a visit. A famous historical and magnificent palace was erected in the 1920s by German architects. It was constructed in order to modernize Afghanistan. It was Afghanistan’s first national affairs palace following the country’s independence. During the reign of Afghan King Amanullah Khan, the palace was built in 1919. 

Qargha Lake 

The loom is a dam and reservoir near Kabul, Afghanistan. The reservoir and its surrounding regions provide leisure opportunities like boating, surfing, golfing, and there is a hotel on the reservoir’s banks. A hatchery on the reservoir’s banks supports the establishment of a fishery. The reservoir’s stored water will also be used for irrigation and hydroelectric development. 

Kabul Golf Club 

Kabul Golf Club’s logo has an Arabic phrase that translates to “peace” in English. The entrance to the Kabul Golf Club. When Kabul and Afghanistan are mentioned, however, all thoughts gravitate to a terribly worn-out nation in the vanguard of combating the global threat of terrorism. The Golf Club is around 10 kilometers from Kabul’s city center.


What we don’t know about this Middle Eastern country is that underneath the stories of terrorism and airstrikes, there is a lively society and a rich culture that reflects the hardships its people have faced over the last seventeen years. Despite this, In this post, we’ll look at some of the reasons why you should include Afghanistan on your bucket list. Get packed and book your trip to Kabul With AirlinesMap right away and visit these brilliant locations with your travel buddies!

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