In What Conditions You Should Go For Air Cooler Over an Air Conditioner

Increased environment awareness, demand for low power consumption and energy-efficiency are the driving factors leading the product market worldwide. Air cooler is one of the most viable products that are continually witnessing a peak rise in demand over the last five years. The Indian market is also experiencing a positive change in demand for air coolers over air conditioners (AC). 

From 2019-2025, the Indian air cooler market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.2%. While there is always a debate over air coolers and air conditioners’ importance, certain conditions place air coolers over air conditioners. 

Why opt for an air cooler over air conditioners?

  • Eco-friendly and futuristic approach

Modern air coolers designed with eco-friendly features draw motivation from nature. While air conditioners use CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) and HFC (hydro-chlorofluorocarbons) as refrigerants, air coolers use water. Also, air conditioners circulate the room’s air repeatedly, whereas air coolers pull in fresh air from outside and release the cool air. The air inside is, therefore, pure, fresh and does not emit harmful chemicals. 

  • Convenient and cost-effective

Air coolers, unlike its previous versions, are now sleek in design. They no longer occupy a considerable portion but can be placed anywhere at a lower price than an AC. Air coolers can be placed anywhere as per the buyers’ needs. Apart from the initial cost, the operating costs of ACs are higher than air coolers.  

  • Power consumption rate

AC comes at the cost of a considerable electric bill due to its greater power consumption rate per hour. Air coolers consume almost 80% less electricity than an AC and are highly affordable by most middle-income Indian households.  

Though there are some energy-efficient air conditioners available in the market, air coolers are unbeatable in this aspect.

  • Easy installation and highly portable

Air coolers do not require wall installation, unlike an AC. They can be placed anywhere at home and also shifted when required. Air conditions need wall fixation, and they are highly difficult to move from one place to another after the initial installation. 

A modern-day technologically advanced air cooler is generally priced between Rs.5000 and Rs.15000 while providing much more than just cool air. It is always advisable to purchase any product thinking of the future of the present and generations in line.

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There are many popular air cooler brands in India offering smart air coolers at affordable prices. Buyers should check for specifications of multiple brands before settling for any one product. 

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